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Couples Therapy


I am a certified Prepare/Enrich faciliator. My approach to working with couples is centered in a research-based model that has a 30-year track record in providing statistical analysis to identify specific areas of growth in a relationship. I facilitate in a safe, therapeutic setting to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors that may enhance communication in a way not previously experienced. Regardless of the barriers currently in the relationship, if both parties are honest, open and willing, a stronger and more powerful relationship and ability to communicate with integrity and respect can emerge from this experience.


For consultation or assessment:




Professional assessments are often needed for a recommendation for services. In cases of addiction or substance abuse, assessments must be in place prior to treatment planning.

Assessments are also important in order to determine an accurate diagnosis for any suspected mood disorder whether it be test anxiety, social anxiety, ADHD, or adjustment disorders. Assessments require anywhere from one to three hours and fees may often be applied to your out of network insurance benefits. Assessments, when submitted to your insurance provider, also include a clinical diagnosis.

Family Therapy


When chronic illness, death or other traumatic events occur, research shows that there is a decrease in negative emotion when feelings are processed. Family therapy is a a powerful tool to bring your family back to a place of understanding and improved communication. Evening and weekend appointments can be arranged. Never underestimate the powerful connections that transpire in a family system. With professional guidance, healing and restoration can and does happen. It is often appropriate for every member of the family to participate at some level. Developmental considerations will be included.





Psychotherapy is a process of unfolding past events along with current stressors and building coping skills not yet acquired. Mood disorders such as clinical depression or anxiety is a biological medical condition and does not have a predictable course of remission. Substance abuse is also another chronic disease that warrants ongoing processing and management. An individual may benefit from ongoing treatment that provides structure and support throughout a three to five year period of sustained remission. This is especially true for young adults in the identity stage of development.

Individual Sessions


Counseling in general, is a series of interventions relating to a specific event causing distress and may be resolved with improved communication skills, and through cognitive behavioral therapy. A client may only need a few sessions to acquire the processing necessary to move ahead becoming more self aware and equipped with new coping skills and insights. Out of network benefits are typically available for sessions, including sessions with a family member present. Call for an over-the-phone determination of need. If it is an area outside of my scope, I will be happy to provide you with a professional recommendation. Out-of-network benefits may apply.




Alliance will provide your school or classroom with education about mental health. It will open up the topic for parents to begin to recognize the need for learning how to dicuss emotionally based subjects such as underage drinking, obsessive compulsive behaviors, anxiety, low self esteem.   For students it provides a safe way to learn advanced skills in communication. Lectures are also available for teachers and staff to learn ways to refer and get appropriate help for families or students. 




Drug Screening


 A full spectrum of testing is available and based on your needs. Screening is a positive reinforcement for reaching an individual's personal goals for recovery. In combination with or without therapy, we can monitor in a safe clinical setting and provide the latest and highly regarded laboratory technology for accuracy and reliability. Insurance providers typcially cover the costs for lab supported interventions that promote recovery. A co-pay at the time of service and appointment prior to screening is required. 




Interventions may or may not be required in getting your family member motivated for treatement. Prior to an intervention we ask that the family members particiapte in education and prepration, taking careful consideration of the objectives both before and after treatment. Family members will be provided with an appropriate number of resources to consider and be fully advised of projected outcomes and recommendations for continued care after treatment has occurred. Trained intervention counselors will lead you through a best practices approach to getting the help you and your family need. Call for more information on services, expectations and costs.


Support Groups


Weekly support groups provide a safe, therapeutic setting to explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors with others. Specialized Groups provide effective strategies, improve communciation skills, and help increase insight on topics that are difficult and emotionally oriented. Alliance offers specific groups for people in early recovery, sustained recovery and mothers who seek emotional support and guidance. Groups are confidential and require a commitment to honesty, openness and willingness to expand and grow.



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