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In addition to having a community support such as AA or NA, clinical support is an important part of ongoing recovery. Groups are open to newcomers with a prerequisite individual session. Out of network insurance benefits may apply. Please contact Ginger Aldridge @ 704.562.4612 for more information.

                                                                                                                       Tuesday @ 6:30pm 




Alliance Sustained Recovery group is designed for men who are in the path to recovery with a minimum of 6 months abstinence. Joining members are required to submit qualifying information and a commitment to recovery. Please contact Ginger Aldridge @ 704.562.4612 for more information.                                      Wednesday @ 6:30pm  












Facts on Progression

Learn the clinical signs and symptoms of progression in addiction. Learn the essential differences between use, abuse and dependency. Learn more about how the use of mood altering substances may slowly lead to dependence and that even social use may create lasting neurological changes in the brain. Become familiar with the definition of this illness as well as the variety of treatment options available.



Marijuana: Shocking Facts Parents Must Understand!

Let's get clear! With new evidence now confirmed, it pays to understand the FACTS about the use of cannabis. Decide for yourself, but do so only after you have heard the facts and talked firsthand with others who have learned the hard way that marijuana use can and does affect motivation, focus and memory. Talk with recovering individuals as well as parents who already have consequences of underestimating this

currently normalized behavior. 



College Prep

Parents will benefit from this three hour education on how to prepare for your child's first year in college. What are your rights? Expectatons? Learn how to set up the appropriate dialogue that helps your child stay focused on their educational goals while managing the new challenges of social integration overload. Don't underestimate the benefit of having clear expecations in place.



Boundaries & Consequences: The Parents Guide 

Learn from the experts! Boundaries and consequences are the key components to helping your children navigate high risk situations that arise in high school and college. Become educated on the communication skills that work. Ask questions from a panel of experienced individuals who have learned when to say yes and when to say no. Learn effective ways to change behaviors.



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