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Trust that you are meant to be on this journey. Everything that happens can be more fully understood and more fully appreciated when it is witnessed by another.  Soon courage and confidence will follow.

About Alliance Counseling, PLLC


Alliance Counseling is a private provider for therapeutic services located in Charlotte, NC. Appointments can be made by text or phone to 704.562.4612, by emailing from this site or email directly at

About Professional Services

If you or someone you love needs a safe, confidential and therapeutic setting for mental health diagnosis or therapeutic support please call today.

Alliance provides short term counseling and long term psychotherapy in addition to educational consulting, placement, treatment planning, family support, interventions, and case management for professional boards.

Professional Counseling

Clinical Placement & Assessment

Adjustment Disorders

Professional Monitoring

Relationship Enhancement

Divorce Mediation

Career or Academic Adjustments

Codependence & Addiction Disorders

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